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Double kayaky Twin

Double kayaky Twin 6315e11fa08ce_kajak-dwuosobowy-twin.png 6315e11fa08ce_kajak-dwuosobowy-twin.png 6315e11fa08ce_kajak-dwuosobowy-twin.png
Available colors

Additional features


Siatka mapnika

Length 4,3m
Width 76cm
Height side 29cm
Max hight 35cm
Weight 38kg
Displacement 300kg
Cockpit inside 85cm x 46cm
Material HDPE

Basic construction features:
- Double-cockpit tandem with high side
- Flat and properly embossed bottom
- Special bow and stern cambering facilitating floating on rough waters
- Spacious luggage hold and gloveboxes in front of cockpits
- Comfortable, proven polyethylene seats with bottle holder

TWIN is firm, very fast and maneuverable.
It is perfect at lakes and rivers during longer trips as well as short ones.

It is suitable for both, experienced kayakers and beginners.
Enough space for two adults inside.

TWIN, like other ROTEKO products is made of special strengthened polyethylene dedicated to kayaks production.
It is equipped with proven and refined components mostly made by ROTEKO.
It is equipped with comfortable, durable seat with a bottle holder.
Large exchangeable keel coating repossess abrasions made when dragging kayak on shores.

Those features results in firm and safe construction, high comfort and great floating capabilities on both, rough rivers and calm lakes.

Standard equipment contains:
- Durable, integrated zig-zag type footrests
- Front rigging – flexible tripwires map-case
- Side rigging
- Exchangeable keel coating, repossessing abrasions.
- The drain plug, situated on bow allows draining of accumulated water
Additional equipment:
- Waterproof bulkhead with rubber cup of luggage hold.
- Net on map-case
- Inner pockets
- One or two containers in front of cockpits
- Spraydecks


Standard colors:
Yellow and red
Yellow and orange
Yellow and green
Blue and white
Red and black



Roteko S.C.
ul. Sienkiewicza 8
32-065 Krzeszowice
tel: +48 663 386 882
E-mail: sprzedaz@roteko.p 

Roteko S.C.
ul. Sienkiewicza 8
32-065 Krzeszowice



Kanocentrum Arjan Bloem
Tel.: +31 075 621 8805
E-mail: info@kajak.nl


Kanocentrum Arjan Bloem
Poelweg 1 B
1531 MD Wormer

Lithuania, Latvia

Gatis Priede
AGP Serviss
 Phone: +371 28444758
Mobile: +37167670119
AGP SERVISS Gatis Priede
Izstāžu komplekss "Rāmava", Izstāžu iela 11
Valdlauči, Ķekavas pag.
Ķekavas nov., LV-1076


Czech republic i Slovak republic

ProYacht s.r.o.
Tel.: +421905605693
Tel.: +421905628687
E-mail: info@proyacht.sk


ProYacht s.r.o.
Drietoma 453
91303 Drietoma

Tel.: +49 157 50988109
Fax: +49 34204 444037
E-mail: kanu-funsport@web.de


Hallesche Str. 1,
04159 Leipzig


Romai part 35-36.
1031 Budapest
tel: +36703308666
mobile: +36704322896
E-mail: info@kajak.hu

Romai part 35-36.
1031 Budapest

Other country
Roteko S.C.
ul. Sienkiewicza 8
32-065 Krzeszowice
tel: +48 663 386 882
E-mail: sprzedaz@roteko.pl

Roteko S.C.
ul. Sienkiewicza 8
32-065 Krzeszowice